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Explore the benefits of the PatientSky 360 Platform. A low-code platform used by developers and businesses to develop high-performant cloud solutions and grow their business faster and safer.

Built-in UI resources

Using the PatientSky 360 Platform's uniform UX/UI component library to build your next software solution, gives you the benefit of optimizing your resources by focusing on functionality, flows and features instead of starting from scratch. It allows you to deliver your own software, in combination with the software of other vendors, onto the platform in a uniform way, depending on your PaaS partner branding strategy.
The PatientSky 360 Platform's UI/UX library comes with more than 100 React components and supports features for theming, modals, windows, forms, validation, accessibility, grids and much more. The component library is well-tested on many different devices, browsers and browser versions. Using the PatientSky 360 Platform can reduce your spend on R&D as well as Q&A—reducing the number bugs and issues, speeding up your time-to-market. Mock up and build your UI in our playground area and attach real data at a blazing speed.

Reduce your R&D costs by up to 80%

Are you in the process of developing the next lab module, healthcare app, communication module or creating an innovative robot integration? With the PatientSky 360 Platform you get the advantage of more than 6 years of developing, more than one million development hours and thousands of commits and pull requests. Get access to a fully-tested software development kit and build the eHealth solutions of tomorrow. In global healthcare, the potential of AI, ML and next-gen technology can truly shine. Build your application on top of our platform to cut resources in both time and money and benefit from the platform's ecosystem, community and of course the other partners. Maybe teaming up with another partner could create the next big thing?
Endless possibilities with minimal costs and reduced time to market. Stop building boilerplates. Start adding value to the ecosystem. Together we build the future and empower patient care.

Grow your business with PatientSky

The PatientSky 360 Platform makes it easy for your company to develop and scale. PatientSky hosting services support scaling with the speed that your business deserves. Building modules on top of the PatientSky 360 Platform allows you to follow the next countries PatientSky will enter.
Get all the advantages of the PatientSky 360 Platform. Release your solution into our ecosystem and get access to several huge and growing customer databases from day one. When we expand, you expand. Currently, the platform is running in Norway, Finland, Estonia and Denmark. 
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