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PatientSky 360 Platform

PatientSky provides a low-code development platform.
We believe in open interaction between vendors across the healthcare sector by using technology as a facilitator for interoperability and innovation for better patient care.

An open ecosystem

The PatientSky 360 Platform is a low-code development platform (LCDP) and, at the same time, an open ecosystem that allows vendors to interact intra-platform and reuse applications across customers. An LCDP platform provides a development environment used to create application software through graphical components, configuration and a limited amount of traditional hand-coded computer programming.
Through the PatientSky 360 Platform, vendors can reuse, and produce, entirely operational applications, or add extra code for specific situations and contexts. LCPDs reduce the amount of traditional programming, enabling faster delivery, lower initial cost, as well as a lower need for training, deployment and maintenance. A common benefit is that a wider range of people can contribute to the application's development— not only those with formal programming skills.

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