Investor relations

PatientSky Group is listed on Merkur Market (OMS)

PatientSky Group overview

Over the past few years, PatientSky Group has invested significantly in building a revolutionary and innovative cloud data platform, addressing the challenge of securing critical patient data and enabling health professionals and partners to provide new, better, faster and cheaper patient care. Headquartered in Norway, PatientSky Group has a first-mover advantage with its full-service scalable platform.
Founded in 2014, the company has grown to become the leading e-health provider in the Nordics. After an initial development phase, commercialization has gained pace over the past few years, with careful expansion into new countries and product extensions. In 2020, a new management team headed by John Zetterström came on board, and the company was listed on Merkur Market.

PatientSky Group board and management

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Financial calendar

Financial statements for 2020 will be published April 15, 2021.