What is PatientSky?

A revolutionary and innovative cloud data platform, enabling health professionals and partners to provide new, better, faster and cheaper patient care

Changing lives

PatientSky aims to facilitate better integration and collaboration across for cloud solution vendors, with room for everyone to innovate together. At PatientSky we gather the best solutions, from the best vendors, and deliver them you as a unified product. We believe this method will help define new standards and revolutionize todays patientcare.

Partners. Platform. Product.

At PatientSky we believe that customers’ needs’ in healthcare and adjoint markets are becoming more and more diverse for any single software provider to meet them by 100%. We believe that all healthcare stakeholders deserve to benefit from improved innovation, ability to manage costs and focus on what matters most ie to provide predictable, timely and high quality of care of every patient. That is only achieved through open ecosystems.

Together we can develop great solutions for better patientcare

"If one of our partners is successful in delivering a product on our platform that outperforms one of our own products, we see that as a win in our book. The vision behind the PatientSky 360 Platform is to enable innovation in the healthcare sector. If the end user ends up with a better product because others could build it better than us, or they built something more tailored to the end user’s needs, then PatientSky has achieved success also."

Jesper Petersen, Co-founder and Partner
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